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Welcome to our third vintage of sparkling wine in cans, featuring Bucking Luna, Maxzilla and Natty Pets. Bucking Luna is available now, the latter two will be released June 1.

We are proud of the quality of the wines and the ingenious labels drawn by our friend and uber talented artist Amy Noonan of @nooney_toons. Our excitement overfloweth, so we've added some fun toys for your summer of natural wine bubbles (we all need it). As with all our wines, made with legit organic grapes, low sulfur, native yeasts and low alcohol.

Why Cans?

  • 100% recyclable. Unlike other 'alternative packaging' with plastic non-recylable liners, these aluminum cans contain more than 3X the recycled content of glass or plastic, and are recyled 60% more than glass. The aluminum is also manufactured right here in the Bay area, not overseas!
  • Light as a feather* (*just about, close to an unladen swallow). So it means you can take them wherever your heart desires. Beach, hiking, camping...  the options are endless. Plus, lighter to ship which is good for the carbon footprint. 
  • Bubbles! We've been itching to release sparkling wines, but were gobsmacked by the cost and weight of the bottles (again, the carbon footprint thing). With all due props to our sparkling wine friends, we opted to launch our bubble program in cans for the lighter weight and environmental footprint. Let it be said that unlike Champagne and other sparkling wines, these cans are not meant to age, so drink them now!
  • Free your mind. Think of the can simply as packaging. Yes, you can drink for a can, but... do you drink straight from the bottle? Once you think of them as just another way to pour a beverage out of a container, your mind will be free to enjoy!
  • Value.  Each can is a 250 ml container, or a third of a bottle. At $27 a “bottle” (aka 3 cans) for the sparkling red/white and $14 a bottle for the Piquette, these wines represent a value. These are not to be confused with $6 retail, machine farmed, 500k+  case lots.

​Plus! Fun stuff to go with it all: Stainless steel tumblers. We love these double walled tumblers and take them everywhere. The sparkly shiny Koozee returns in limited quantity and the new limited release Bucking Luna eco T-shirts, made with recycled materials.  

Click on each wine below for full details, or shop from this page. Our shipping offers apply, note that 3 cans = 1 one bottle. 

The much awaited 3rd release of Bucking Luna sparkling red, kicking her 3rd global pain in the ass. This is a special pre-release offer for Bucking Luna, until all 3 sparkling cans (Natty Pets and Maxzilla Piquette) are available on June 1st.

The pre-order is for a full case of 24 cans in the 250ml size prepackaged plastic free in cardboard shippers.  (On June 1st, all cans will be available to order in mix and match quantities, with a minimum 6 per order.)

The new 250ml can is 1/3 of a bottle, so a "case" is technically 2/3 of a normal case of wine.  Specially priced at $200, shipping included for this pre-offer!

We are also donating a portion of all proceeds to #WorldCentralKitchen, Chefs for Ukraine.

Inspired by our baby mini Donkey, Luna, born 4 days before the 2020 Shelter in Place began. Since then she has been bucking every day around 5 pm, heralding in happy hour - she is really bucking cute. Made from kick ass organic grapes - 40% carbonic Carignan, 75 year old vines, and 60% rose of Cinsault.

Enjoy this 11.5% alc, tongue tickling summer treat - it's bright, fresh, dry, and zippy!  Perfect for the beach, picnic, or backyard.

Specially priced at $200, shipping included for this pre-offer!

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Limited! A brand new unisex t-shirt, with logo from our 2020 Bucking Luna canned sparkling, featured kicking the coronavirus AND of course, and certain ex Prez.

Feel your impact in this crazy-soft sustainable tee that uses an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles. All yarn is spun, knit, fabric dyed and finished in the U.S.A. We put this through extensive wash tests and it retains its softness and shape.

Sizes S-XXL. Please click here to get a drop down of sizes to select.

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Our favorite on the road, on a plane, or at the beach - these awesome tumblers keeps your coffee hot, and your cocktail/beer/wine/cider cold for hours. Ditch the plastic wine glass, this sturdy investment will serve you well for years.

This 12 oz tumbler features a double wall stainless steel with copper vacuum insulation, stainless steel rim, push-on clear lid, and powder coated finish.

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