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Two Shepherds

Our new Picpoul & Oyster Tasting Event

A thought provoking thirst quencher (it's possible)!  Order some for home or come join us at the winery Aug 26 - 27 for a Picpoul & Oyster tasting!

Get Your Picpoul!

Our Wines

Uncommon, small lots, old world style, precise natural wines


Shipping specials:  6+ BOTTLES SHIP FREE IN CA (no code needed) AND $20 FLAT FEE FOR REST OF U.S. (use code "flat20" - min $120)

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Our Farm & Vineyards

Hand harvested, organic or sustainably farmed 


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About Us

Small in size, big in spirit

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See what Natural Winemaking is All About!

Friday, Saturday and NOW Sunday!

12 - 5 pm

At our winery in Windsor, CA.  No Reservations Needed.

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Featured Products

Its back, in our new slim can, 250 ml (aka 1/3 of a bottle) size.

Enjoy this unique blend of orange and white wine, 65% Picpoul, 35% grenache blanc, 30% from our orange wine "Centime."

Enjoy this 10.5% alc, tongue tickling summer treat. Perfect for the beach, picnic, or anywhere you're headed off to.

Stock up and save, on our special case offer at 20% off! Minimum 2 cans per order to ship. Feel free to combine with bottles!


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/ 1 250 ml can (aka 1/3 bottle)
SKU: 2021 Natty Single
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A VERY special, very limited, 5 year vertical of Centime, our light style orange wine from white Rhone grapes.

  • 2012 Centime - Our second vintage, only 12 cases made. Orange Grenache Blanc from Santa Ynez
  • 2016 Centime - orange Grenache Blanc from Santa Ynez
  • 2017 Centime - orange Grenache Blanc from Russian River.
  • 2018 Centime - orange Vermentino from Lodi. Our first orange wine from this varietal.
  • 2019 Centime - our second vintage of Vermentino from Lodi.
  • Complimentary! 2021 Natty Pets - 2 cans of our Sparkling orange and white wine. Blend of skin-fermented Picpoul, stainless steel Picpoul & Grenache Blanc.
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SKU: Orange Wines vertical

From a 75 year old vineyard, head trained, dry farmed, certified organic. Elegant and aromatic, juicy and easy drinking, with soft structure from 50% whole cluster, perhaps more akin to Cru Beaujolais than Carignan.  8 months in old, neutral French oak. 200 cases crafted, 12.5% alc. 


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The wine beverage formerly known as Maximus is back as Maxzilla!

Piquette - what's old is new again! Revived from the ancient Greeks & Romans, this sparkler is made from the skins of carbonic Carignan. Enjoy this 7% alc, tongue tickling summer treat - it's bright, dry, fresh and zippy!  Pour into a glass and share. Perfect for the beach, picnic, or backyard.

For more about the history of Piquette, check this out

Each can is 250 ml, aka 1/3 of a bottle!



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/ 1 250 ml can (aka 1/3 bottle)
SKU: 2021 Maxzilla
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/ Case of 24

Native to southern France, the name means ‘lip stinger’ – a naturally high acid white grape perfect for our wine style.

We shifted a bit from how Picpoul is typically made and aged 90% of it in neutral puncheons (a double sized barrel). This gives the wine more richness in the finish and a luscious mouthfeel. Combine this with its bright lemony and grapefruit flavors and you have a thought provoking thirst quencher (it's possible)! 

Only 8 barrels made. Only 10.9% alc. Farmed organically. 

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The much awaited 3rd release of Bucking Luna sparkling red, kicking her 3rd global pain in the ass - Putin!

The new 250ml can is 1/3 of a bottle, so a "case" is technically 2/3 of a normal case of wine.  We are also donating a portion of all proceeds to #WorldCentralKitchen, Chefs for Ukraine.

You may order individual cans and mix and match (must be at least 2 cans per order) cans and bottles. 

Minimum 2 cans per order to ship. Feel free to combine with bottles!

Enjoy this 11.5% alc, tongue tickling summer treat - it's bright, fresh, dry, and zippy!  Perfect for the beach, picnic, or backyard.


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/ 1 250 ml can (aka 1/3 bottle)
SKU: Bucking Luna 2021 single
24 or more
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Limited! A brand new unisex t-shirt, with logo from our 2020 Bucking Luna canned sparkling, featured kicking the coronavirus AND of course, and certain ex Prez.

Feel your impact in this crazy-soft sustainable tee that uses an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles. All yarn is spun, knit, fabric dyed and finished in the U.S.A. We put this through extensive wash tests and it retains its softness and shape.

Sizes S-XXL. Please click here to get a drop down of sizes to select.

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SKU: Luna 2021 Shirt