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A fun three pack of "unicorn" wines, that are very rare. Ten % off the bundle.

1. 2020 Blanc de Cinsault.  - white wine made from a red grape, Cinsault. This also happens to be the oldest surving Cinsault vineyard in the world, at 135 years old. A perfect winter white, nice acidity combined with great weight, and texture.

2. 2020 Trousseau Gris - one of the rarest grapes on the planet, only one planting in CA. 5 days of skin contact for salty, easy going entry into orange wines.

3 2019 Pinot Meunier -  Perhaps our most complex, layered, subtle red yet, while still being lighter and low alcohol. If you like well made Pinot from Burgundy, you will love this.


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SKU: Unicorn Bundle

6 bottles of red wines, perfect for the holiday meal, movie night, or sitting by the fire. Indulge your household, or your best friend! The 2018 Pinot Meunier and 2019 Grenache Noir is only available in this bundle! Save 12% (the 12 Days of Christmas!) - stacks with Flock discounts.

  • 2019 Grenache - we started this vineyard in 2010 and its first release is being offered in this bundle. We will make it available to all Flock in Spring 2022.
  • 2018 Pinot Meunier - we opened the library for the this bundle, available only here!
  • 2019 Pinot Meunier - our #1 selling wine in this fall release, a wine that will whisk you away to the Pinot family of Burgundy (and for less $$)
  • 2020 Cinsault - our ethereal red, from the world's oldest Cinsault vineyard.
  • 2018 Syrah - a new vineyard for Syrah, and our favorite of any Syrah, its heart is in the N. Rhone!
  • 2018 Carignan - last call for our Netflix wine, with a foot in the Cru Beaujolais style.
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/ 750 ml
SKU: Reds for the Holidays

A unique wine from an obscure grey skinned grape, originally from the Jura.  The grapes are the only planting in CA, from a 40 year old vineyard in the Russian River Valley. Fermented with native yeast on the skins for five days to extract color, flavor and texture, then aged in neutral barrels for 8 months.  Similar to the 2017 thru 2019 releases, this vintage is destemmed, allowing a fresh and vibrant expression.  

The 2020 vintage produced half its normal yield due to frost and rain shatter, so grab some while you can. The 2020 vintage is also more intense in flavor as a result of the low yield. Only 125 cases made.



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A collaboration with our neighbors Tilted Shed Ciderworks! Co-fermented old vine Carignan with juice from Jonathan apples and aged in neutral barrels for 8 months.  Tangy raspberry and blackberry notes, with a dry lingering finish.  Fall in a can!

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/ 375 ml
SKU: 2020 Tilted Shepherds
6 or more
$8.00 $7.20

A special bundle of our skin contact wines. Perfect for the holiday table for orange wine lovers, or a gift for one (we get it).

  • 2016 Centime - orange Grenache Blanc from Santa Ynez.
  • 2017 Centime - orange Grenache Blanc from Russian River.
  • 2018 Centime - orange Vermentino from Lodi. Our first orange wine from this varietal.
  • 2016 Trousseau Gris - we have freed up the library for this bundle. A very different, more complex style than the 2017-2020. Available only in this bundle.
  • 2016 Trousseau Gris Blanc - only one barrel made, and only 2x in our 12 years - Trousseau Gris with NO skin contact.
  • 2020 Trousseau Gris - our fresh, fun, approachable (light) orange with with 5 days skin contact

Discounted 12% (12 Days of Christmas) Stacks with Flock discount.

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SKU: Orange Wines for the Holidays

Our first "12 Days of Wine" very unique bundle. One stop-shop for an array of wines for your holiday festivities; for aperitif, meals, fireplaces and gatherings. This bundle offers 4 wines (*) that can only be acquired via this bundle - 3 library wines and one new release. Quantities are limited. Bundle is discount 12% (though some are priceless) AND stacks with Flock discounts.

  • 2013 Grenache Blanc Santa Ynez* -  stunningly complex,  NINE years bottled aged
  • 2016 Grenache Blanc Santa Ynez* - our last vintage from Santa Ynez
  • 2017 Grenache Blanc Catie's Corner - our current release, from RRV. Fun to compare with the 2013 and the 2016.
  • 2017 Centime - skin contact Grenache Blanc, from Catie's Corner. Same vineyard, picked the same day, as the above wine, but on the skins for 12 days.
  • 2020 Blanc de Cinsault - our unicorn white, made from the oldest planting of Cinsault on the planet.
  • 2020 Trousseau Gris - our fun unicorn light orange wine, from the only planting in CA.
  • 2019 Estate Grenache* Austin & Arya's Block  - We first started this vineyard in 2010! Its first release, available ONLY available in this bundle. (Back in the Spring Flock release.)
  • 2018 Carignan - last call for this juicy, crunchy red we call our Netflix binge watching wine.
  • 2019 Pinot Meunier - The most beloved and praised of our Fall releases. Thought provoking.
  • 2020 Cinsault - A delicate, ethereal red from 135 year old vineyard. William's favorite.
  • 2013 Syrah|Mourvedre*  - nine years in the bottle, the savory nature of this unique blend has only intensified. Still unchallenged as the best vintage ever of this wine.
  • 2018 Syrah - a new vineyard of Syrah, that has made us fall in love with Syrah all over again, with its Northern Rhone profile.
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/ 750
SKU: 12days

Our 4th vintage of our wildly popular Pinot Meunier!  This variety is rarely found as a still wine, and often abused when it is. It’s a delicate wine that doesn't respond well to heavy oak, thus perfectly suited for our light hand. 

Light bodied, yet subly layered and complex.

The goat logo pays tribute to finding this vineyard when getting our two goats.  225 cases made.


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12 or more
$40.00 $36.00

In 2020, we were offered the rare opportunity for additional grapes from this 135 year-old Bechthold Vineyard. We jumped at the chance and made this small unique lot of Blanc de Cinsault. 

This 135 year old vine Cinsault is the oldest surviving Cinsault vineyard in the world. It is a story of survival. This vineyard survived phylloxera (it is own rooted in sandy soil) and droughts (it is a drought tolerant grape). Enjoy this unique white wine from a very special place. 

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/ 2020 Cinsault
12 or more
$30.00 $24.00

Its back, we got a few cases back from a distributor in time for Holiday bubbles!

Our first canned sparkling white wine! And the unicorn Picpoul to boot!

Enjoy this 10.7% alc, tongue tickling summer treat - it's bright, dry, fresh and zippy!  Pour into a glass and share. Perfect for the beach, picnic, or anywhere you're headed off to.

100% picpoul: 80% stainless steel for brightness. and 20% 12-day skin contact for texture.

Each can is 375 ml, aka a half bottle!



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/ 1 375 ml can (aka 1/2 bottle)
SKU: 2020Natty

This special 175 case lot from the famed 135 year old Bechthold Vineyard in Lodi, is the oldest surviving Cinsault Vineyard in the world. This dry farmed, organic vineyard has very low yield, and produces a very complex expression of this variety, normally considered a blending grape.

The 2020 vintage is one of the most delicate, ethereal. Aromatics so alluring you will literally just leave your nose in the glass. Light bodied, drink with a slight chill, sit back and...chill. (For those who remember the 2017 vintage, this is in a similar vein.) 175 cases made. 12% alc.

100% whole cluster, foot tread, fermented with native yeast in small 3/4 ton bins. Gently pressed to neutral barrel to age on heavy lees for 8 months, then bottled.  A thought provoking wine Eric Asimov of the NY Times called an example of “delightful, delicious wine from under-appreciated grapes." 


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/ 2020 Cinsault

Magnum! Only 12 made.

Trousseau Gris is a very obscure grey skinned variety, originally from the Jura in France, and a 'unicorn' even there. The famed Fanucchi Vineyard is the only planting of Trousseau Gris in California, with a total of just 10 acres planted over 40 years ago. The Fanucchi Vineyard is adjacent to our farm in Fulton, which is how William first started making Trousseau Gris, first for personal consumption, and then by demand, he aquiesced into allowing a non-Rhone a part of our portolio.

 Fermented the first 5 days on the skins, this release has a medium orange, pink color, intense aromatics of a white, and the texture of a light red, basically refusing to be put in a category. Total Lot: 125 cases 

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SKU: 14TGFCMagnum

From a 75 year old vineyard, head trained, dry farmed, certified organic. Elegant and aromatic, juicy and easy drinking, with soft structure from 50% whole cluster, perhaps more akin to Cru Beaujolais than Carignan.     

A great winter red for pairing with ribs, stews, or simply by the fire with Netflix or a book.  12.2% alc

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12 or more
$26.00 $22.10

Limited! A brand new unisex t-shirt, with logo from our 2020 Bucking Luna canned sparkling, featured kicking the coronavirus AND of course, and certain ex Prez.

Feel your impact in this crazy-soft sustainable tee that uses an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles. All yarn is spun, knit, fabric dyed and finished in the U.S.A. We put this through extensive wash tests and it retains its softness and shape.

Sizes S-XXL. Please click here to get a drop down of sizes to select.

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/ Small
SKU: Luna 2021 Shirt