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Winery Tasting Room Visit

Update 5/15/22: The Windsor warehouse winery is now open Friday and Saturday AND Sunday (new!) from 12-5pm.

No reservation needed. Tastings are $20 a person, waived with 1 bottle per person purchase. Complimentary tastings for Flock members & their guests. No parties over 6 without confirmation, and no buses. Come see where we make all our wine!

Address:  7763 Bell Road, Windsor CA Please use Google Maps, and not Yelp to navigate here, as Yelp will not update our old 2014 address in Santa Rosa.

Winery tastings appointments

Tasting appointments with the winemaker or assistant winemaker are available Mon-Thurs, subject to availability and winery production schedule.

Vineyard Tastings and Tours

On a limited basis, Mon-Saturday, we do offsite private tastings at our farm and vineyard, which includes a farm and animal tour.  (Sundays are our only day off, so we do those on a limited basis.)

The experience first and foremost is on a natural wine tasting with the winemaker, not the petting zoo per se. Tastings are $50 a person, waived with 3 bottle purchase, per person. Unfortunately due to some bad actors, pre-payment for first time visitors via Venmo or Paypal is required. The address is not public, and will be provided upon confirmation