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Winery Tasting Room & Vineyard / Farm Visits

Update 5/15/22: The Windsor warehouse winery is now open Friday and Saturday AND Sunday (new!) from 12-5pm.

No reservation needed. Tastings are $20 a person, waived with 1 bottle per person purchase. Complimentary tastings for Flock members & their guests. No parties over 6 without confirmation, and no buses. Come see where we make all our wine!

Address:  7763 Bell Road, Windsor CA

Vineyard tastings and farm tours are by appointment only,  Mon-Sat, $45 a person, waived with 3 bottle per person purchase.  Please email us at or call/text 415-613-5731. Sunday is generally our one day off, but on occasion we can make an exception.

Unfortunately thanks to a few bad actors, for first time customers at the farm/vineyard, we now require a Venmo @twoshepherdswine of $45 a person,  or Paypal deposit. It takes time to clean, sanitize, chill wines, and prepare! Deposit will be refunded with purchase or apply as tasting fee.