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Unicorn bundle

Unicorn bundle

A fun three pack of "unicorn" wines, that are very rare. Ten % off the bundle, stacks with Flock club discounts.

1. 2019 Picpoul - only 54 acres in CA. A perfect winter white, nice acidity combined with great weight, and texture.

2. 2019 Trousseau Gris - one of the rarest grapes on the planet, only one planting in CA. 5 days of skin contact for salty, easy going entry into orange wines.

3 2018 Pinot Meunier - our most popular red released in Fall, rare as a still wine. Perhaps our most complex, layered, subtle red yet, while still being lighter and low alcohol. If you like well made Pinot from Burgundy, you will love this.

Buy two, or stack with another bundle, to take advantage of our COVID shipping specials: free in CA, flat rate $20 the rest of the US with code 'flat20'.

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