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2020 Maximus Piquette
Sparkling Piquette - Organic

2020 Maximus Piquette
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2020 Maximus Piquette - View 2
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What's old is new again! Revived from the ancient Greeks & Romans, this sparkler is made from the skins of carbonic Carignan. Enjoy this 7% alc, tongue tickling summer treat - it's bright, dry, fresh and zippy!  Pour into a glass and share. Perfect for the beach, picnic, or backyard.

For more about the history of Piquette, check this out!

"In France, piquette is said to have been the preferred drink of vineyard workers at the lunch table, as its low alcohol encouraged post-lunch productivity rather than an alcohol-fueled stupor. In Italy, piquette has various names including acqua pazza, acquarello and vinello.  While the style is tied closely with France, nearly all European winemaking countries have their own version of piquette, usually made and consumed by field workers and their families." - Wine Enthusiast

Each can is 375 ml, aka a half bottle!

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