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Carignan My Wayward Son
Carignan 3 Ways!

Carignan My Wayward Son

Carignan continues to show itself as one of the most versatile red grapes we work with. Need proof? Try 3 completely different expressions, all from the same 75-year- old, organic, dry farmed vineyard.

2020 Wiley Carbonic - our highly sought after, all stainless steel, true carbonic chillable red.
2020 Bucking Luna - sparkling red that is 53% carbonic carignan! (2x 375 ml cans.)
2018 Carignan - our standard red small lot winemaking, 50% whole cluster Netflix wine

Also check out this fun Instagram live tasting "A Tale of Two Carignans" to learn about the difference between carbonic and whole cluster.

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