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A unique wine from an obscure grey skinned grape, originally from the Jura.  The grapes are the only planting in CA, from a 40 year old vineyard in the Russian River Valley. Fermented with native yeast on the skins for five days to extract color, flavor and texture, then aged in neutral barrels for 8 months.  Similar to the 2017 thru 2020 releases, this vintage is destemmed, allowing a fresh and vibrant expression.  




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“Centime” harkens back to France's copper penny, and celebrates our full skin-contact series (aka orange wine). The grapes are destemmed and fermented on the skins for 10 days, then aged in neutral oak 10 months. This is a non-traditional orange wine, and at 11.3% alc, is light and fresh, while still textural. If you've always been curious about orange wines, but not a fan of oxidized wines, this is a great introduction to the style! 70 cases made.

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/ Skin Contact Vermentino

We are honored to offer you this special wine, in tribute to Saralee Kunde, who left us in 2014. Saralee was an unparalleled leader and heroine in Sonoma County agriculture, and a personal inspiration. Catie's Corner is named for her daughter.  This vineyard was the first planting in the Russian  River, made possible by Saralee's commitment to varietal diversity.

The Grenache blanc always undergoes 3+ years of bottling aging, until its complex aromatics, salinity and minerality come fully together like a symphony.


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Your one click can choice bundle, including 10% discount AND for a limited time, includes shipping!

  • 9 cans Bucking Luna sparkling red. Carbonic Carignan and rose of Cinsault.  Dry, crisp, fun! 11.5% alc
  • 9 cans Natty Pets sparkling orange/white, Skin contact, and stainless steel Picpoul. 10.5% alc
  • 6 cans Maxzilla Piquette. A low, fun ABV wine beverage made from carbonic carignan skins. 7.5% alc

Each can is 250 ml, 1/3 of a bottle.

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/ 2021 Cans mixed case
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The wine beverage formerly known as Maximus is back as Maxzilla!

Piquette - what's old is new again! Revived from the ancient Greeks & Romans, this sparkler is made from the skins of carbonic Carignan. Enjoy this 7% alc, tongue tickling summer treat - it's bright, dry, fresh and zippy!  Pour into a glass and share. Perfect for the beach, picnic, or backyard.

For more about the history of Piquette, check this out

Each can is 250 ml, aka 1/3 of a bottle!



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/ 1 250 ml can (aka 1/3 bottle)
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The much awaited 3rd release of Bucking Luna sparkling red, kicking her 3rd global pain in the ass - Putin!

The new 250ml can is 1/3 of a bottle, so a "case" is technically 2/3 of a normal case of wine.  We are also donating a portion of all proceeds to #WorldCentralKitchen, Chefs for Ukraine.

You may order individual cans and mix and match (must be at least 2 cans per order) cans and bottles. 

Minimum 2 cans per order to ship. Feel free to combine with bottles!

Enjoy this 11.5% alc, tongue tickling summer treat - it's bright, fresh, dry, and zippy!  Perfect for the beach, picnic, or backyard.


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/ 1 250 ml can (aka 1/3 bottle)
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(found 3 cases!)

Rosé returns after a hiatus, with our first ever rosé of Mourvedre, a wine we enjoy greatly when done well, but had not yet tried our hand at it. Suffice to say we are in love, and plan to repeat.

Fermented with native yeast, aged 75% stainless steel, 25% neutral barrel. A fresh, vibrant wine that can be enjoyed all year long, its a fresh mouthwatering treat now, and will reward cellaring through the year as well. 10.7% alc,  200 cases crafted.

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We are delighted for our premier offer of a small Syrah vineyard in Glen Ellen area of Sonoma Valley. This 1/2 acre is hand and organically farmed by the Knight family, and hand picked by us! 

The valley the vineyard is situated and sees considerable fog, ripens slowly in the cool climate,  creating a classic Northern Rhone style Syrah, perhaps one of our best yet. The color is a pretty, bright garnet, with classic Northern Rhone notes of dried herbs, thyme, cured meat,  black olive. Pair with grilled lamb, duck and other game poultry, grilled eggplant.

We loved this special little vineyard, and were heartbroken to learn that it did not survive the 2020 Glass fire.

Only 2 barrels, 50 cases crafted. 

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/ Syrah

Limited! A brand new unisex t-shirt, with logo from our 2020 Bucking Luna canned sparkling, featured kicking the coronavirus AND of course, and certain ex Prez.

Feel your impact in this crazy-soft sustainable tee that uses an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles. All yarn is spun, knit, fabric dyed and finished in the U.S.A. We put this through extensive wash tests and it retains its softness and shape.

Sizes S-XXL. Please click here to get a drop down of sizes to select.

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/ Small
SKU: Luna 2021 Shirt

Finally ready for release after 5 years in bottle, gracefully resting! From the esteemed Saralee's Vineyard, Russian River planting, this small less than 1 acre planting of Roussanne is the only one in the entire AVA. The cool climate creates a bright expression of Roussanne, while keeping its richer texture. Only one barrel, 25 cases made.

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