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Skin Fermented - 'Orange' Wines


Magnum! Only 12 made.

Trousseau Gris is a very obscure grey skinned variety, originally from the Jura in France, and a 'unicorn' even there. The famed Fanucchi Vineyard is the only planting of Trousseau Gris in California, with a total of just 10 acres planted over 40 years ago. The Fanucchi Vineyard is adjacent to our farm in Fulton, which is how William first started making Trousseau Gris, first for personal consumption, and then by demand, he aquiesced into allowing a non-Rhone a part of our portolio.

 Fermented the first 5 days on the skins, this release has a medium orange, pink color, intense aromatics of a white, and the texture of a light red, basically refusing to be put in a category. Total Lot: 125 cases 

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“Centime” = French for copper penny, is our full skin contact series, in 2018 we switched to Vermentino.  The grapes are destemmed and fermented on the skins for 10 days, aged in neutral oak 10 months. This is a non traditional orange wine, at 10.3% alc, light and fresh, textural. A great introduction to the orange wine movement.. 50 cases made.

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/ Skin Contact Vermentino

Library wine  12 bottles made available!

Who says orange wines have to be tannic and/or oxidized. If you have had William's unique style of red wines, you may appreciate Centime, a gentler, more approachable orange wine.

The 2013 release is mostly Grenache Blanc from Santa Ynez, with a litte Marsanne and Roussanne from El Dorado blended in.

This wine was crushed and fermented on the skins for 12 days until dry, exactly like a red wine, then very lightly pressed by hand to a neutral barrel, where it aged for 10 months.

Nice structure, minimal tannins for an "orange" wine with aromas and flavors of citrus peel and spice. Recommended serve with food.

1 barrel - 25 cases crafted.

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