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For 9 years we have been hoarding cases of the wines we make each year. It seemed a great idea, but we have frankly completely run out of space, and its time to share these wines.

As part of our ongoing expansion we are also having to invest in a new wine press - its simply no longer feasible to process 60+ tons in a 1 ton press - so we are investing in a new 6 ton press, that will carry us through our next years of growth.

To make space and raise some capital, we are offering a myriad of our small lots wines from 2012-2015 at special 20-50% discounts. Some of the wines there are 2 cases or less!

We have tasted ALL wines to make sure they meet our high standard. As our regular fans know, our wines age very well, especially our whites.

Note: do NOT use the sorting function (by price, name etc) or (for some reason) it doesnt show all the wines.

From the esteemed Saralee's Vineyard, Russian River planting, this small less than 1 acre planting of Roussanne is the only one in the entire AVA. The cool climate creates a bright expression of Roussanne, while keeping its richer texture.

Only one barrel, 25 cases made.

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