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Wines for pre-Thanksgiving meal prep, the main meal pairing and post-Thanksgiving leftovers. Easy holiday planning & save 10%!

  1.  2020 Trousseau Gris: a light orange wine. Delish on it's own for pre-meal prep, sings with squash & mushrooms
  2. 2019 Pinot Meunier: Pinot Noir is a classic Thanksgiving wine, Pinot Meunier is its artsy cousin :)
  3. 2020 Cinsault: Delicate, ethereal. Will pair with all the flavors
  4. 2020 Tilted Shepherds: co-fermented Carignan and Jonathan apples. Already dreaming of post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with this one! (Includes 2 cans, which equals 1 bottle)
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SKU: Thanksgiving Bundle

A special 3 pack, featuring wines Karen and William like to drink personally! 10% off. (Flock members extra 10% on top of club discount!)

Stack bundles and take advantage of shipping offer: 6+ bottles (2 cans equals 1 bottle) free in CA (no code needed), $20 Flat rate anywhere in US (use code "flat20")

  • 2020 Vermentino. Fresh, vibrant, dangerously chuggable, luckily only 11% alc! The 2019 was featured in the SF Chronicle.
  • 2017 Grenache Blanc - bottled aged for 3 years before release, to allow the wine to reach its full potential - showing like an aged riesling with intense aromatics, and salinity.
  • 2016 Pastoral Blanc. One of the few Russian River, cool climate white Rhone blends. Youthful despite bottle aging, a perfect pairing for summer shellfish and seafood pairings.


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SKU: White 3 pack

A fun three pack of "unicorn" wines, that are very rare. Ten % off the bundle.

1. 2020 Blanc de Cinsault.  - white wine made from a red grape, Cinsault. This also happens to be the oldest surving Cinsault vineyard in the world, at 135 years old. A perfect winter white, nice acidity combined with great weight, and texture.

2. 2020 Trousseau Gris - one of the rarest grapes on the planet, only one planting in CA. 5 days of skin contact for salty, easy going entry into orange wines.

3 2019 Pinot Meunier -  Perhaps our most complex, layered, subtle red yet, while still being lighter and low alcohol. If you like well made Pinot from Burgundy, you will love this.


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SKU: Unicorn Bundle

A fun red bundle of 3 of our Rhone reds. 10% off, stacks with Flock club discount.

- 2018 75 year old vine Carignan

- 2016 Saralee's Syrah

- gracefully aged, salty/savory 2014 Syrah|Mourvedre

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SKU: Red Bundle

A special bundle of 3 of our skin contact wines, and save 10%!

  • NEW 2019 Centime, skin fermented Vermentino, Yolo. 10 days skin contact.
  • 2017 Centime, skin fermented Grenache Blanc, Russian River Valley. 12 days skin contact.
  • NEW 2020 Trousseau Gris, insanely rare! 5 days skin contact.
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SKU: Skin Contact Bundle