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Love Grenache as much as we do? This trio includes the Grenache Gris and Noir from our farm and Grenache Blanc, the wine that brought us together! Experience the full expression of the lovely Grenache grape. 10% off this bundle. Six bottle Flock members receive 15% discount, Twelve bottle 20%, must be logged in to your account.

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SKU: Grenache Tiro

An instant, no hassle, budget friendly holiday case of red/white/light orange, discounted 20% (stacks with club!) PLUS flat shipping!

Flat/Max $20 shipping (must use code FLAT20 at checkout.)   Only 12 available  and many of these selections are down to a few cases.

  • Red: 2016 Syrah, 2019 Grenache, 2017 Pastoral Rouge, 2017 Syrah|Mourvedre, 2019 Carignan, 2020 Carignan, 2020 Pinot Meunier.
  • White: 2016 Roussanne, 2019 Grenache Blanc, and 2021 Vermentino (only available in bundle for now!)
  • Orange: 2021 Trousseau Gris, 2021 Grenache Gris (note these are both 5 day maceration, light style orange wines.)
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SKU: Easy Holiday Case Bundle

A very special offer of 6 vintages of library releases, a stunning array of one of the rarest varietals on the planet. All were tasted prior to ensure they have aged well and meet our high standards. Enjoy the 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018 releases. Add the current 2021 to round out your selection.

All vintages are 5 days skin contact except for the 2013 which is a blanc. The 2013 was indeed perhaps our favorite with an oily,  unctuous  texture that blew us away.  (Featured in Bon Appétit: The 6 White Wines You'll Be Sneaking to the Park This Spring)

All of these wines are ONLY available via this bundle. ONLY 12 bundles available.

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SKU: Trousseau Gris 6 year Vertical

A VERY special, very limited, 5 year vertical of Centime, our light style orange wine from white Rhone grapes.

  • 2012 Centime - Our second vintage, only 12 cases made. Orange Grenache Blanc from Santa Ynez
  • 2016 Centime - orange Grenache Blanc from Santa Ynez
  • 2017 Centime - orange Grenache Blanc from Russian River.
  • 2018 Centime - orange Vermentino from Lodi. Our first orange wine from this varietal.
  • 2019 Centime - our second vintage of Vermentino from Lodi.
  • Complimentary! 2021 Natty Pets - 2 cans of our Sparkling orange and white wine. Blend of skin-fermented Picpoul, stainless steel Picpoul & Grenache Blanc.
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SKU: Orange Wines vertical

A fun red bundle of 3 of our Rhone reds. 10% off the bundle

- 2019 75 year old vine Carignan: a fun winter red, perfect for Netflix binge watching and other fireside activity. 12.5% alc

- 2017 Syrah|Mourvedre - the very small lot (50 cases), unique blend is purposefully aged 4+ years before release. Much lighter and elegant than one would expect - a blend of cool climate savory Syrah, and 100+ year old vine Mourvedre. Perfect for winter roast dishes. 12.4% alc

- 2019 Grenache Noir - also just released, this is the first vintage of Grenache from our regeneratively farmed vineyard, only 75 cases made. Grown in the cool climate west Russian River Valley, a lighter wine with excellent structure and body. 12.9% alc

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SKU: Red Bundle

A special selection of 3 white Rhones to compliment holiday table fare and aperitifs, 10% off.

  • 2019 Grenache Blanc. JUST released. Purposefully bottled aged, insanely complex.
    2017 Roussane - purposefully, gracefully aged.
    2021 Vermentino. A preview. Its ready and delicious but we are waiting for Spring for "official" release. If William doesn't drink it all by then. Available only in this and the Mixed Case Bundle.


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SKU: Rhone White 3 pack

Your one click can choice bundle, including 10% discount AND for a limited time, includes shipping!

  • 9 cans Bucking Luna sparkling red. Carbonic Carignan and rose of Cinsault.  Dry, crisp, fun! 11.5% alc
  • 9 cans Natty Pets sparkling orange/white, Skin contact, and stainless steel Picpoul. 10.5% alc
  • 6 cans Maxzilla Piquette. A low, fun ABV wine beverage made from carbonic carignan skins. 7.5% alc

Each can is 250 ml, 1/3 of a bottle.

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/ 2021 Cans mixed case
SKU: 2021 Can Mixed Case