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Club System - How to Login And Make Your Selections
(We recommend you use a PC not a cell phone.)

The account login and management has been moved and redesigned to make it easier to use, and are now located at the top right of the screen.  If you need any help feel free to call or email us. (Please note, if you are in the grandfathered 4 bottle club, you can add wines, but not change the default.)

1. Click "Login" and enter your login and password. (If you have forgotten your password there is a link right below to reset it.)

2. The login button now will change to your name. Hover on it to see all the pull down options to manage your account.                                                              

3. IMPORTANT! Click on "Club List" and it will show your current Club, click on 'Edit Club.'
- if it doesn't show belong in a club, or wish to change your level, please call or email us.

4. Scroll down past the verbiage, and at the bottom you will see 'Club Choices.'   Here is the selection offered, with pull down options to change both wines and quantity. The default is pre-set, but you may increase and decrease quantities.

Please note if you place a shopping cart order instead of club you may not get some benefits like the 12 bottle flat $15 shipping. If you wish to add choices to your order, or have us place it for you feel free to email instead.

5. Click 'submit' when done with your selections and VOILA! We will be notified and immediately process  and charge your shipment, Use the Notes field for any comments.

To Update Shipping Addresses & Credit Cards
PLEASE verify your shipping address if it is different than billing. To add a shipping address, return to the main user section and click  Address Book.  We recommend business addresses where possible, they are usually delivered before residential and cost less. By law, signature is required.

5. If you need to update your credit card, simple click 'Credit Cards.' If you have numerous, feel free to delete older ones, and make sure the correct one is designated primary.

FAQ: These are standard questions we get about the process you may find helpful!

I see a wine on the website, but it's not a club selection. Why - I want one!

Club wines are specially selected, typically focused on new and small releases, and full of LOTS of choices. Often there is a wine on website we do not have enough to offer everyone. You can add this to a club selection by:

  • Put a note in your order email to add it. or
  • Place a shopping cart order thats Will call, not shop.
  • Or just contact us!